Services & Support
Consulting / Research & Development (R&D)

Cockleshell Corporation provides experience and expertise to assist in research and development, planning, programming, requirement validation, and technology exploitation to organizations within the Department of Defense, Federal Government and the private industry. We consult directly with government organizations and private laboratories to develop, improve or redesign equipment to enhance the military or law enforcement capabilities. Our most recent past experience supporting industry research and testing includes maritime platforms, weapons, communications and tactical equipment.

Program Management

Cockleshell Corporation has program management expertise that can plan, coordinate, and direct the activities of administrative, program, and technical personnel. Our Program and Project Managers have a thorough understanding and experience in the complete life-cycle management of military systems. We have knowledge and experience with Department of Defense (DOD)/Army plans, policies, standards, and methods aimed at the acquisition and support of military programs and resources for Army systems. We are capable of managing and controlling schedules and cost to provide on time, within budget, performance of all aspects of the contractual effort.


Our personnel have experience supporting the Department of Defense community and Federal Law Enforcement in their Intelligence requirements. Experience includes spearheading a multi-intelligence collection and fusion program to detect, track and interdict global aviation and maritime illicit trafficking high value targets. Our Subject Matter Experts maintain their security clearances at the highest levels.


  • Instructors: We provide very professional and knowledgeable instructors who have an extensive amount of experience as DOD senior Instructors. Our instructors are the Subject Matter Experts in their particular fields of instruction and apply the knowledge and real world experience to assist in our clients strategic goals. Our instructors understand the requirements of the client and tailor the training and curriculum to meet the desired training objectives.
  • Advisors: We currently provide advisors to the Special Operations Industry allowing equipment manufacturers and technology developers to interface with both the leadership and operators’ that utilize the latest equipment and technology. This increases efficiency and drives down costs while allowing industry to better understand the needs from both a bottom-up and top-down approach to development.


Cockleshell Corporation has provided medical training to this country’s elite military medical providers to include boat crews, dive medics, aviators and aircrews with critical lifesaving training. We specialize in overwater survival training as well as patient stabilization and evacuation from the incident site to the critical care provider. We have extensive experience in hyperbaric operations to include treatment tables and evacuation scenarios. We provide training and support for your aircrew or ships crew to maintain or achieve qualifications in critical life saving skills.